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Replacement remote control for ASSIST1 (89950A10) | 21.90 € + VAT

The original remote control is not available.

100% guaranteed

Replacement remote control for ASSIST1 (89950A10)

Reference: ASSIST1 (89950A10)
Available in stock
Price without VAT21.90 €
VAT*0.00 €
Final price21.90 €
* It can vary depending on the shipping destination
Shipping to United States: 12.50 € (Standard shipping (no tracking), 2 - 3 weeks)

When purchasing the remote, a document will be sent detailing the relationship between the buttons of the original control and those of the replacement remote.


Remote control to replace the original ASSIST1 (89950A10) and all its functions. It is not a universal remote but a substitute for the original. You will receive the remote ready to use: you only need to install the batteries. It is not necessary to program it. We offer you our full guarantee that the remote will fulfil all the functions of the original.


This remote is used for the following brands: LOEWE OPTA, Loewe

Some of the models that use this remote are

LOEWE OPTA 89950 A 00 (TV+RADIO) Loewe 57438L32 Loewe 59433 Loewe 59455 Loewe 64501 (1102CENTROS)
Loewe ACONDA9272ZP (62402B62) Loewe ACONDA9281ZW (60401G62) Loewe ACONDA9372ZP (61402LS2) Loewe ACONDA9381ZW (59401H62) Loewe ACONDA9381ZW (59401L32)
Loewe ACONDA9381ZW (61405H62) Loewe ARCADA 8672ZP (57437032) Loewe ARCADA8684ZP (56425L32) Loewe ARCADA8772ZP (59437) Loewe ARCADA8772ZP (59437L32)
Loewe AVENTOS 3972 ZP PLATIN (62406P12) Loewe AVENTOS3770ZW (63447D00) Loewe AVENTOS3772Z (63449B00) Loewe AVENTOS3781 (63454D00) Loewe AVENTOS3981ZW (62405A12)
Loewe CALIDA 5255 (58446L60) Loewe CALIDA5255 (59422) Loewe CALIDA5684Z (57428L60) Loewe CALIDA5684Z (57428P60) Loewe CALIDA5684Z (57428U60)
Loewe CALIDA5763Z (59445) Loewe CALIDA5772ZP (59444J72) Loewe CALIDA5772ZP (61444) Loewe CANTUS3870ZW (59461) Loewe CANTUS3872ZP (59460U72)
Loewe CONCEPT L 26 Loewe CONCEPT L32 BASIC (65434Y50) Loewe CONCEPT370VT (53440) Loewe CONCEPTL26 (65421) Loewe CONCEPTL26 (65421)
Loewe CONCEPTL26BASIC (65433) Loewe CONCEPTL32 Loewe CONCEPTL32 (65442) Loewe CONCEPTL32 (65442Y89) Loewe CONCEPTL32 (CONCEPT L 32)
Loewe CONCEPTL32BASIC (65434) Loewe CONCEPTL42 (64403A60) Loewe CONNECT 26 (68416T80) Loewe CONNECT 37 MEDIA FULL HD+/DR+ (67403T42) Loewe CONNECT 37 MEDIA HD / DR+
Loewe CONTUR 1670 Z (61555) Loewe CONTUR2063 (59428L00) Loewe CONTUR2070S (59429L23) Loewe CREDO7681ZPW (59459) Loewe CT1570Z (58403)
Loewe FL 38 PLATINUM (60415A60) Loewe M155 VTXELOS (61473) Loewe M55LXELOS (57494) Loewe MELODYL (58406) Loewe MIMO32 (62430)
Loewe MODUSL32FHD (69403A80) Loewe MODUSL42 (65446A87) Loewe MODUSL42 (MODUS L 42) Loewe MODUSL42LCD (67404A87) Loewe PLANUS4672Z (58419L00)
Loewe PLANUS4672Z (58419L60) Loewe PLANUS4672Z (58419U60) Loewe PLANUS4672ZP (59419U72) Loewe PLANUS4681ZP (57417L62) Loewe PROFIL3470 (59432L00)
Loewe PROFIL3563Z (59486) Loewe PROFIL3570ZWP (61487) Loewe PROFIL3572Z (55457000) Loewe PROFIL3572Z (58438) Loewe PROFIL3572Z (59488)
Loewe SPHEROS20 (62401A60) Loewe SPHEROS32 Loewe SPHEROS42HD (63479) Loewe Spheros20 (63401A60) Loewe VICTROS6370ZW (88175C)
Loewe VIEWVISION (67503D00) Loewe VITROS6370ZW (61427A72) Loewe VITROS6372ZP (61425) Loewe VITROS6381ZW (59476A32) Loewe VITROS6381ZW (61426P62)
Loewe XELOS 5055 Loewe XELOS A 32 DVB-T (64466A88) Loewe XELOS A37 (64467D88) Loewe XELOS A37 (65467A47) Loewe XELOS SL 20
Loewe XELOS SL32HD (65426A00) Loewe XELOS-5055 (59463) Loewe XELOS5281ZW (58401U60) Loewe XELOS5381ZW (59420) Loewe XELOS5381ZW (59420A60)
Loewe XELOS5381ZW (XELOS 5381 ZW) Loewe XELOSA20 (65411A60) Loewe XELOSA20DVB-T (65411A88) Loewe XELOSA20H (65411A72) Loewe XELOSA26 (66416D87)
Loewe XELOSA26REL (66416D87) Loewe XELOSA32 (XELOS A 32) Loewe XELOSA42 (64419A60) Loewe XELOSA42REL (66421) Loewe XELOSM55FM (58496)
Loewe XELOSMEDIA5861TV-M (57463.00) Loewe XELOSMEDIA5870TV-M (57464.00) Loewe XELOSSL20 (63448A60) Loewe XELOSSL32HD (65426A00) Loewe XEMIX (6222PS)
This remote control performs all the functions of the original remote control:
Power, Mute, TV, Rec, DVD, Radio, Sleep / Rec-Menu, -[ ]- / AB, Audio, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, EPG / DVD-AV, Assist / Card, PIP, Text / Disc-M, Menu, End, Info, V+, V-, P+, P-, Up, Left, OK, Right, Down, Red / C-Set, Green / SV, Yellow / Zoom, Blue / Marker, <<, Play, >>, Rec, Pause, Stop

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Interactive keymap

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Frequently asked questions
If I buy the remote, do I have to do something else or it directly works without entering any code?
The remote will work by just putting the batteries on.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions, even when the original remote controls several devices. In the replacement remote we can program the fields of different devices (TV, DVD, SAT and AUX), this way we can include all the functions of the original remote control. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
What is the Shift key on the replacement remote used for?
The Shift key allows you to double the number of functions that the replacement remote control can perform. For example, pressing Shift followed by the Power key (Shift + Power) performs a different function than when you press the Power key directly.
Not all the remotes need to use the Shift key, only those that due to their large number of keys can not execute all the functions with direct keys.
How can I know which keys of the replacement remote control perform the functions of the original remote?
When we send the remote control, we also send a document with the correspondence of the keys between the replacement and the original remote controls which allows you to know how to perform the functions of the original remote. Sometimes it is available on the web so you can download it.

Can I use the remote control for other devices?
The remote control can be used for other devices, but first it has to be reprogrammed for thouse devices. Once it has been sent, to reprogram it, you need a special program and cable.
Customer reviews
I'm glad to have a nicely working full replacement of the original remote control to my TECHNICS Audio System, that still works perfectly. Thank you!
November 2020
the remote arrived for my sharp AQUOS and it works perfectly it was quick to arrive good job
November 2019
Five Stars service! Nothing bad to say. Thank You
November 2020
Very swift and prompt service! I ordered on a Wednesday and my replacement remote was with me on the following Monday morning. Really good quality product and would highly recommend Mandis Shop for all your technical needs.
November 2019
everything was perfect, quick delivery.
October 2020
Item received in good order. Mandis was the only shop able to supply the correct remote. Very good communication and quick shipping. Rating AAA+
August 2020
Excellent. Good buy!
October 2019
Good price and service. very quick delivery. Item works perfectly. Gracias
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